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The training really is customized for you.  After working with other notable industry trainers in the past we have realized that each trader is extremely unique and at a different point in their journey to mastery.  The only way to really and truly enable a trader to progress is to customize a training program that focuses on their trading style, their strengths, their weaknesses.  To that end, we try to fit our training into what you already do, incorporating the indicators and techniques you already know, figuring out ways to minimize your weaknesses and distractions while enhancing your strengths.


If you are here then you are probably looking to use classical trading patterns as the foundation of your trading method.  Therefore, after an evaluation of where you are in your trading journey we will try to fill in your knowledge gap.  You can expect daily calls or emails, evaluation of your trades and even advice on your lifestyle and organizational skills.  It is in our interest to make you the best trader you can be so we will pull out all the stops to make that happen.



Please understand that this program (nor any other program for that matter) cannot guarantee that you will become a successful trader. Nor does it guarantee you the "secret keys to the kingdom". Trading is long, hard, intense work and this program will do nothing to mitigate that. It will, however, attempt to reinforce good habits, reduce the effects of bad habits and maybe teach a few new and unique tricks and techniques. In the process, it may substantially reduce the timeit takes for you to become a successful trader.

Your qualifications


The requirements for this program are strict and includes the following:

  • Minimum six months of full time trading.
  • Ample risk capital for your financial situation.
  • A spreadsheet with all trades for at least the prior six months - with reasons for entry and exit. This requirement demonstrates some level of discipline
  • Your market analysis notes for each evening for the prior 3 months. Again, this requirement demonstrates some level of discipline.
  • A member of our service for at least 3 months. This requirement ensures you know the basics of our terminology and that you understand our methodology at some level.
  • We understand that each individual is unique so there is some flexibility in these requirements. If you have unique experiences that you feel substitutes for some of these requirements then feel free to contact us.


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