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Worksheet: practise chart reading log

One of the things we always do as traders is review historical charts  to test  a premise. This worksheets help to keep you honest while doing that!  It's way too easy to "fudge" when you're reviewing a premise for a new trade  pattern. But, if you have to write down all the trades and their outcome - you're kept honest and out of trouble!


Worksheet: Trading words of wisdom

As a trader, you always run across little nuggets of information that can't  seem to be categorized. Use this  spreadsheet  to record that information and then review   occasionally. It's amazing how much information you realize you've forgotten every time  you read this log.


Worksheet: Daily Financial Spreadsheet

Worksheet: Daily Financial Spreadsheet Daily Microsoft Excel Workbook to keep a log of trades.


Worksheet: Daily Pivots

This worksheet is useful for tracking the price action in the ES/SPs. Before the market opens, record all swing highs/lows.


Worksheet: Intraday notes

A place to log numbers intraday to keep you in the zone and in tune with price action


Worksheet: Mistakes Log

Every trader makes mistakes. It is a good habit to   always record your mistakes so you can see what it's costing  you. This worksheet provides a template to do just that.

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