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Premium Services

The sky is the limit with our premium services

Live Chat

This is our real-time intraday service that includes a live chat room, video and audio.  

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We offer live coaching that is highly customized for your needs - both remotely and on-site

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We hold an annual seminar that spans 2 days - usually in a sunny tropical-like location.

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Advanced Research

We are continually advancing our knowledge of the markets with a constant stream  of research, especially on the systems building side of things.



Our comprehensive e-book covers all of major our techniques and trading ideas.  It is continually updated to add new information from our advanced research.




Everything you need to know about trading breakouts in these whippy markets.



Flags are one of the most common continuation patterns.  This webinar discusses how best to identify and trade them.


Trend Reversals

Being able to identify a trend reversal is a core skill for any trader.  Here is how we do it - objectively with no room for discretion.



In this webinar we discuss oure core patterns - how to identify them, how to trade them and when to know you're wrong.

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