Each year we try to hold an annual trading seminar where we literally teach everything we know. All our patterns, techniques and knowledge is presented over 1 1/2 days. Included is a comprehensive  workbook with ample space for taking notes. We review dozens of charts over the course of the seminar. All charts, techniques and models are included in the workbook.


We spend most of the first day dumping information into your brain.  From trend reversals to breakouts to position management to simple and complex patterns.  Exit management, cash management and psychology are all covered.


Then, we cover examples of our own trades - good and bad.  We discuss a ton of examples because we believe that by understanding where we made good decisions and bad decisions, it helps you to learn to do manage your trading in the real world


Finally, we go live in the market and cover as much as we can in real-time.  Sometimes, this works well because the markets are active and provides us the setups and conditions we need.  At other times, it's just plain boring - in which case we just keep teaching you new stuff.

Case Study #1

In this small case study, we discuss a series of missed trades from June 2015.  We cover why the trades were missed and how our own biases played into the situation.

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Case Study #2

In this case study we look at a breakout that worked to perfection in the lumber market.  Yes, we said lumber - because its a thinly traded market.  Understanding how to manage a trade int his kind of market is a good skill to have.

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More Case Studies


Case study #3

In this case study we look at a very frustrating trade in the FOREX markets.  A large breakout that ultimately worked but we got taken out by our stops and missed the trade.


Case study #4

A beautiful trend reversal on the daily charts carried the coffee market to new extremes on the year.  


This seminar happens only once a year.  So drop us a note for more information.